At Oak Building Services, quality and service really do add up to a better deal for you.  Our qualified contractors and builders in Manchester are skilled in all forms of construction and renovation, so regardless of what you need done, we have the skills and expertise needed to do the job for you.  Call Oak Building Services for all of your home’s needs, whether a new build or simple interior design.  Let us help make your house a home.

Some of the services that we provide include:

  • New builds
  • Extensions
  • Alterations
  • Building repairs
  • Landscaping
  • Driveway or patio installation
  • Bathrooms, and kitchen remodelling

We can handle your entire restoration project from start to finish.

If you have been considering some type of home improvement or remodelling project for some time now, now is the time to call us.  We will present you with a free, genuine, no obligation appraisal of the costs that would be associated with your specific project.  We have extensive knowledge of all aspects of the construction of a home including structural expertise.  All of our contractors are experienced in all of these important aspects.

Our specialisation is the management of a project from the initial concept all the way through to its completion.  Our contractors and subcontractors are trustworthy and honest, and they all understand our commitment to values and standards.  Our one of a kind team covers all indoor and outdoor aspects of actual building and also interior applications and installations, such as landscaping, indoor and outdoor decoration, flooring, bathroom and kitchen design, and installation.

So whatever your specific job entails, know that we can successfully complete it from start to finish.  Whether you want to simply tidy up your bathroom with some new moulding, or you want to completely renovate your current kitchen, call us today for a free non obligation quotation.  We look forward to hearing from you.